Saturday, November 27, 2010

Real Life

They say toddlers and teens are the most challenging to photograph. I would have to agree! I had big dreams of having a great family photo taken while Nicole was here this fall. But that was not to be. Timing, weather, and attitudes all made it impossible.
However, after a big dramatic conversation about how a posed family picture does not reflect our real family life, I got the boys to sit down with the girls to give it another try. I told them if some one wanted to see our real family life, they would come visit, but what everyone wanted for Christmas was a picture of all of their smiling faces. Our real family life is much too busy to fit in a 4x6 frame.
One kid is looking.

We're getting closer.

At least every one's looking in this shot.

Hey! There's a good one! Almost. At least they are all smiling. Is it obvious that I had to crop Christiana into the photo? She was so busy and just did not want to sit still. I'm amazed at families with many more children than us who end with a great photo every year. I wonder how many takes it took them to get everyone looking and not blurry.
How was your family photo attempt this year?


Simply Bonkers! said...

Absolutely lovely! :-) You have such a beautiful family.

Lynnette said...

Really? You cropped her in? NEVER would have known -- great work!
I had one very informal photo attempt with the kids. It wasn't successful. But on Sunday they suddenly all ran to the same spot when I had the camera out, so that might be it. Otherwise, I've been looking for the best recent picture of everyone to do a collage instead. Easier than a group picture, and it looks creative instead of like I'm just too lazy for a group picture. ;)

jodilee0123 said...

There are such things as family photos? I've grown to love the imperfect ones. The first photo of Tali looking at her big brother is priceless. I think all the photos look great--and--at first glance would not have noticed that Christiana is cropped in. Great job!! :0) All your kids are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to get a picture of just my 3 kids for christmas cards and it just isn't working!! I did not even notice that you cropped in Christiana! Looks good!

larag1028 said...

I can't tell that you cropped Christiana in the photo! Great job! I have 2 sons (7 & 2) & it's so hard to get the perfect picture of them together! Keep trying! You have a beautiful family!