Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Proud Mama

Sometimes our kids do things of which they are not proud. Those things will not be posted on this blog.

There are some things that our kids do that makes them very proud of themselves. Those things will be posted on this blog.

Tyler is very proud of his artistic ability.

He drew these while sitting in the living room talking with us. They are things he could see. Well, the bugs were from a book Amanda brought him. (Thankfully, there are not bugs that size crawling around with Tali.) I think he pretty accurately captured Tali's big ol' cloth diapered bottom. :)

Tyler is also extremely talented on the piano. I tried to teach him piano using the traditional note-reading method. Mike taught him how to play by learning cords and he learned a lot about the structure of cords in his music theory class last year. Now he can listen to a song and figure out how to play the cords. He is also constantly making up his own music and melodies. It's lovely to hear the music drifting upstairs when he is playing downstairs.

He also proud because he is carrying an "A" in three of his classes and got 100% on his thermodynamics test in Principles of Engineering which is one of his college courses. He's also been working really hard to bring his grades up in his Advanced Algebra and World History classes.

I'm proud of him for those things too.


snekcip said...

Tyler you are gifted artist! Congrats on your achievements in school!! Keep up the good work! I'm sure Mom an Dad are pretty proud of you! They have every reason to be too!!!

mama said...

Wow, Tyler as always I am blown away by your skills. You are very talented. Leep working hard and giving it your best. And thank you for sharing.

Jessie's Girls said...

Way to go Tyler! And way to go Mom :). I have teenage brothers currently, so I know there are always things of which they/you are not proud (I am dreading those difficult days with my own children already). Bless you for being committed to encouraging and commending your son's wonderful traits that will take him so much farther than the behaviors of which he is not proud.