Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hoar Frost

Hoar Frost is one of those magic wintertime mysteries. It usually occurs at the end of a cold snap right before a warm up and snowfall. It happens as warm, wet air moves into an area and the frost forms on the solid objects that are colder than the air. It's beautiful sight to see when you wake up in the morning. But like fog, it does not last. As the sun comes up, it melts away.
This morning as the sun came up, the frost began to fall off the trees like glittering confetti. As I watched the frost flakes flutter, spin and sparkle in the bright sun, I considered how the human eye is so marvelously made. I knew that my camera couldn't not capture the beauty I was seeing. I tried to capture it anyways. Sure, it looks a lot like snow falling, but how often is the sun shining while it's snowing? For those of you who have rarely seen snow: Never! :)

Winter is so amazing! I hate the cold and especially the bundling up, but every snow fall is so different just like every snowflake. You'd be surprised by how much of my hard drive is devoted to pictures of snow. I've spared you from posting most of them. :)

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e&e said...

I miss the beauty, but not the cold. I learned a lot about hoar frost from your post. You are a natural teacher.

I, too, have a disproportionate amount of space of my hard drive devoted to things like this, including an insane number of photos and videos of an ice storm we had a couple years ago. Yes, I said videos.