Monday, October 11, 2010

That's How We Roll!

We've been making the most of this short return of warm weather. I feel like I must get out every day that it reaches 70 degrees and does not require an hour of bundling to get everybody out the door. On this day, I was taking pictures of the girls in their cute matching outfits for the friend who bought them. We've had so many coordinating outfits for the girls to wear this summer. It has created a compulsion for me to spend extra time searching for coordinating outfits every time we leave the house. I really need to get over that!
We have used this stroller constantly this summer. It was a very worthwhile purchase off Craig's List. Amanda is demonstrating how we make it a triple stroller.

This summer our neighbor has been doing respite care and occasionally borrows the big green stroller if she has little kids. Amanda was pretty upset when it left the yard last weekend. "But I need to use it!" She uses that line quite often when she doesn't want to share.

When she saw that the stroller had been returned, she wanted to ride in it. I already had the little girls in the black stroller and the green one is so easy to push that I just decided to push both of them. Christiana expressed her desire to also ride in the green stroller, so I obliged.

About half way around the loop, Amanda decided she wanted to get out and push Christiana. That was really nice! As I looked at my little mother pushing her sister in the stroller and as I looked at the one little baby in my stroller, I thought, "We have room for two more!" :)

Amanda was having such a good time pushing Christiana that when we got back to our house she wanted to go around the loop again. After an introduction to a couple of our neighbors very exuberant dogs, she was back to riding in the stroller. We were on the far side of the loop and by this time both little girls were getting fussy too. Thankfully, Mary, the neighbor who stayed with the girls while I was in the hospital with Tali, was outside and walked with us back home.
The temperatures are dropping again and bundling season will be soon be upon us. It is unavoidable.


Tina Fisher said...

Yes, all too soon it will be cold. I love the black stroller too (bent wheel and all!)!

Matching outfits are a must.....all too soon they won't even let us pick out the clothes!!! :)

Have a great day Katie!

La Familia Garcia said...

I love the matching outfits!

e&e said...

Now that looks like a GREAT way to spend a lazy, fall afternoon. I wish I could join you! I miss strollering and walking.

Amanda's hair looks so beautiful.

snekcip said...

Love the girls outfit and Amanda's hair!! ADORABLE!!! I love fall time!!

Kristi said...

Thanks so much for all of your kind words. I will def check out that blog!! Home is home - different. It will take some getting used to. How are the girls?