Monday, October 18, 2010

The Reward

I promised Amanda that after the photo shoot at the church, we would go to the playground. I think it's been over a year since we have gone to this playground. It's at the elementary school so we don't go on school days and there's no shade so we never go during the hot summer days.

Christiana actually enjoys tumbling down slides with Amanda. She's a brave and tough little cookie.

This picture makes me laugh because when Amanda saw that Christiana's belly was showing, she said, "Close it, Mama, close it!" and tried to pull her shirt down on the computer screen.

Amanda was pleased to discover that she was able to navigate across more parts of the playground this year. The last time were here, I helped her across these parts, but she did them all by herself this year. It's so much fun to watch her grow up.

There were a couple of other families at the park. I think it's interesting that I don't get a lot of questions from adults, but I can't help but imagine they are leaning in and listening closely as young children freely ask questions.
"Are all these babies yours?" Yes.
"Why do you have so many?" Because I like babies.
"Do you have any more babies?" Yes, but they are 14 and 16 so they aren't really babies anymore.
"What's that on [Tali's] head?" A birth mark. (So many kids ask, "How did she get hurt?")
And my favorite comment:
"Awe, that baby (Christiana) is whining. I think it's so cute when babies whine." Me? Not so much.


Jessie's Girls said...

Haha. I had a conversation with a 7 yr old at the park yesterday. It went like this "Are all three of them yours?" -"Yes, they are"- "And you're already having another one?" -"That's right."- (knowingly) "Oh, that's hard. Four is a lot. I'm just a single." My husband and I exchanged glances and had a good giggle :).

e&e said...

Sigh...I love your many-picture posts. I love Christiana's little belly. I'm glad you left her shirt open. :)

Someone told me Sophia was adorable when she was fitting. I don't think that person ever had children.


Karen said...

Looks like a great park!