Friday, October 22, 2010

On the Farm

Have you ever noticed how many children's books are all about farm animals? Oh, wait. I should re-state that. Many of the children's books at our house are all about farms. Because I love farms. So when I told Amanda that on Wednesday we would be going to a farm, she was so excited!

She was not disappointed. Cats, cows, chickens, ducks and pigs- they were all there.

Amanda's favorite animals were the cats. They were so friendly and tolerant of her loving. Christiana, however, was terrified of the cats. I got her out of the car seat and stood her up in the driveway while I got Tali out of her car seat and into a wrap. One of these adorable friendly cats came over to rub against Christiana. She screamed in terror and ran to my legs. I spent most of the time carrying her around so the cats wouldn't bother her. She eventually calmed down and wandered around, always steering clear of the cats though.
Tali's favorite animal was this spunky little calf. She thought he was pretty funny. I have to agree. He would play with the cats. At first I thought he was angry with them and chasing them out of his space, but they were both having a good time. Very funny. Ironically, Christiana did not seem too afraid of him and kept trying to approach him.

Amanda loved her visit to the farm and has asked to go back to the farm many times since Wednesday. Before we go back again we need to be sure to find some mud boots for Amanda because you-know-what-else is on the farm.


snekcip said...

Oh how my Bree would love the farm! She also loves animals to a fault! We got home the other night and two raccoons were cornered by our dog on the patio and she thought they were "sooooo cutie"!! I had to literally grab her because she "wanted to pick one up"! Oh boy did she cry!!! I gotta find a farm for this kid quick!!! LOL!!

Love the pics of Amanda and the cat! Toooo cute!!! I just love pics of kids and animals!!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I actually have noticed that many small children's books are about farm animals. I guess that's their way of teaching kids about animals. And kids like noises...I'm not sure, but it's totally true.

Looks like such fun! My 1 year old is absolutely scared to death of cows. Oh my, the 4 H fair was not a good time in her book! LOL

Mike and Katie said...


I was terrified of cows when I was little too. At our county fair, you would walk down an aisle with the cows tied up on either side with their backsides facing you. There were no gates or bars between me and the cows. If I tried to get away from the cows on one side, I would end up closer to the cows on the other side. Did. Not. Like. That. At. All!!!

Amanda said...

Such neat pictures... your little angel is sure growing up!!