Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Yeah, It Snowed!

Yesterday morning Amanda woke up see snow on the ground. She was so excited. She couldn't wait to put on her snow clothes and go outside. She kept talking about the books she had read with snow in the them. She talked about how she would bang up her nose just like the puppy in Ten Little Puppies and build a mouse like in The Mouse That Jack Built.
They had fun slipping and sliding around on the deck for a bit and then came in soaking wet because it was kind of raining, too. By the afternoon, much to Amanda's disappointment, most of the snow had melted already.
Don't worry, Dear, there will be more.


Karen said...

Wow! It's to early for that around here although the kids are anxious. First snow is always so much fun!

Kristi said...

Woooah! Snow already?

snekcip said...

Snow!!! Wow!!! We are still in short sleeves here! In fact we had a "cold snap" of 51 degrees and we were like "Brrrrrrr"! I know, we are Southerners.....go guess!!:)

kris in larryville said...

My little ones like the idea of snow but have yet to enjoy the reality. Maybe this year! Your angels look very cute.