Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Job

Alright, this is the last of the adorable coordinating summer outfits. I almost missed getting pictures of these ones because it got cold before I got out with them. Tali's sitting on my lap right now smiling, cooing and laughing at her own picture.)

We found this great location on the way home from the beach one day. Last week we had some unexpected warm weather and took advantage of the heat.

It is such and beautiful place. We'll be sure to come back.

Tali was not interested in being put down and preferred to be held. She seems a little terrified of the leaves.

I really can't say I enjoy trying to get a photo of all three girls together. Tali was crying on and off and Christiana was trying to crawl away. Having a photo where they are all looking is a miracle in itself. Someday, we might catch them all smiling.

These are what most of the first photos looked like: Tali looking at the leaves and the other girls smiling at me. When I finally got Tali to look at the camera the other two we ready to run off.

Or throw leaves at each other. Or Tali which made her cry even more.

Have I told you Tali is crawling? She is. A very silly little army crawl but she's very fast! Mike said that having her crawling around on the floor is very disconcerting. "You're the baby! Shouldn't some one be holding you?" He said that she's growing up too fast and he didn't think we were mentally prepared to replace her yet. :)

How do you like Amanda's cheesy camera smile? "I'm 'miling, Mama!"

These two have so much fun together. You know, when they aren't fighting.


Jessie's Girls said...

They are all adorable!

And yes, I relate to the difficulties of getting three little girls to look adorable and photogenic at the same time! We have had disasters of epic proportions revolving around photoshoots in this family :).

snekcip said...

My Bree has that blouse from CP too!!! Love it!! Your little princesses get cuter w/each post!!! How is that possibly so!!!

I can relate to getting pics of toddling....toddlers!! I
I had to laugh because just y'day I was trying to get pics of my grandsons together in their THING 1, 2 and 3 shirts *yes I found a THING 3 shirt! They are 2,1 and 4mos old!! The 1 and 2 yr old was here, there and EVERYWHERE and the 4mos old was just having the time of his life, smiling away!! I just cldn't get the 2 or 1 yr old to hold him properly so he wouldn't fall over! I finally got pics of them when they all fell asleep!! In fact, it was one of the cutest pictures ever! I named it "3 little Grandsons....sleeping in the bed"

Christie said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful girls and an abundant blessing, I'm sure!

Muliebrity said...

Tali's bald little head is so precious! Such pretty girls!

Laura said...

Look how big they are all getting!! Very cute pictures, they are going to have so much fun growing up together!