Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hair Week Three

My strategy for this week was to do fewer, larger twists in anticipation that I would need to redo them during the week to keep them looking nice. I also experimented with using the Tea Tree Mint conditioner as the styling product. I used my spray bottle that is filled with distilled water and diluted Carol's Daughter leave-in. Her hair was still twisted so I just sprayed the section I wanted to work with and then added the conditioner to detangle, comb and then twist. I worked mostly with the parts from last week and only adjusted a few. It took about an hour with lots of distractions.

The style held up pretty good for a couple of days. Because they were a little wet when I wrap her scarf on and put her to bed, they dried a little wonky but overall they were still neat and tidy. It makes a huge different if she leaves her scarf on overnight.

This is what kept Amanda busy and caused a few distractions. She started out with beads, then colors, then scissors, and playing with the snaps. She is often reaching and twisting and squirming around but the finished product is neater than when I've tried to do it with her sitting on my lap watching a show.

Though it was my intent to keep them fresh but re-twisting them and adding more conditioner during the week, I didn't get a chance to do anything with them until tonight. I took out the snaps and bands, wet the hair with water and diluted leave-in and sealed it with coconut oil and shea butter. Then I put it in a high pony and wrapped her head for the night. I will leave it like this until she takes a bath Friday (tomorrow) night. It works best to wash on Friday nights, style Saturday morning during the babies morning nap, and then freshen the style a bit before church on Sunday. Last week, I washed on Saturday and that didn't leave me enough time to style on Saturday and there was no time on Sunday.
Answering Questions and Asking a Few More
I'm so thankful for all the feed back so far! I'd like to respond to a few of the comments.
First of all, some one mentioned that the oil isn't moisturizing. I think I understand that. So, does wetting the hair with water add moisture that can be sealed in with the oil? Or do I need some other kind of product/ingredient that adds moisture?
I have used Carol's Daughter's products. I was given the Rosemary Shampoo, Hair Milk, Tui Leave-in and some lotion by my adoption group ladies. I used the shampoo and lotion up right away but the hair milk and leave-in were too strongly scented for me to use when Amanda was always in my lap. I've been using the leave-in more lately to add moisture between styles and I've been using the hair milk on Christiana. She has less hair so it doesn't seem so strong. It doesn't seem to any kind of hold and it doesn't make the hair easier to comb so I guess it's just supposed to add moisture.
Regarding the washing, I read once that an adoptive mother was scolded for letting her daughters dump soapy water on their heads. I was quite concerned about using the wrong kind of shampoo that would damage or strip her hair. I've also read about going shampoo free and only using baking soda and vinegar to clean the scalp. I've also read about the oil cleansing method and the co-washing method. Those are the methods I've used to clean her scalp. I will do some more research into how and with what I need to shampoo and why. Feel free to add your suggestions.
Regarding the bald spots, yes, her hair is relatively thin but it doesn't look quite as bad in person as it does on the photographs. :) I don't even notice the parts in real life and am surprised to see them once I load the pictures onto my computer. I don't really care for the way her scalp looks in braids or twists because it is so thin or fine. The main purpose of the twists is to keep the hair protected from drying out, breaking, and tangling. Plus, she loves the snaps and swinging twists.
About the salon, hmm, not really an option. The nearest town that might have a salon is 1/2 hour away. We don't have enough margin in our life for that right now. I have to learn how to do her hair one way or the other. My goals are to try to keep her hair healthy and to retain length so she has options when she gets a little older and can stand to sit for a bit longer.
Dreads? I don't think we're ready to make that big of a commitment to a hairstyle.


jodilee0123 said...

Love the twists! ADORABLE!

Karen said...

She looks beautiful! Looks like you're doing great!

Katie said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say that your daughter's hair looks beautiful! Thank you for writing such a detailed report on how you care for her hair. I have a biracial daughter with super curly hair, so I can't wait to try out some of these tips myself. It's definitely a learning process!

Nancy said...

Wow, I didn't realize how long Amanda's hair is. She has such beautiful locks and you are doing a fantastic job!