Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hair Process Week One

I am in process of trying to get into a better routine so Amanda hair doesn't like so frightful all the time. It's quite possible we're dealing with a lot of breakage from the day I played with the hot iron, so there's really nothing but time that will solve that error in judgement. I've been doing some reading on Happy Girl Hair and Tightly Curly to get some new ideas. I ordered some coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter and mixed some together with a little olive oil. I mixed approximately 1 tsp cocoa butter, 1 Tbsp of shea butter, 3 Tbsp of coconut oil and 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Then I recorded our progress through the week. First I started on Friday night by saturating her hair with the moisturizer mix. It had been in a single low twist. We used this style quite often this summer because we went biking almost every day and it needed to fit under her helmet. Then a exfoliated her scalp with baking soda and rinsed her hair really well. I don't use any soap or shampoo on the girls; I just use baking soda and a wash cloth to exfoliate their dead skin cells. I've been told soap and shampoos can strip too much moisture. After the rinse, I wrapped a baby towel around her head while we put lotion on. I still use the baby Aveeno lotion. She likes to help put it on. I didn't do much detangling just enough to divided it into four braids for sleeping after coating it with more of the oil mixture.

In the morning, I undid the braids and began dividing it into small sections to put into little black rubber bands. I've read information that putting into the bands in hard on the hair but that it makes for neater styles. So this week we were going to try the bands. I only detangled enough separate the sections and I used the oil mixture to keep things slippery.

It took 30-40 minutes to get all her hair into sections. After that was done, pulled the hair back in a low bun with moisturizer to keep it from get more tangled before I could get back to it.

After naps, I attempted finger detangling and then comb detangling. Pulled the hair back into a pony tail again, dipped the end in water to get it to curl up and added Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera jelly to define the curls. I just put the jelly on my palms and crunched her curls up. This probably took another 30 minutes. Then we went for our photo shoot and to the park.

The next morning before church, I used Organix Tea Tree Mint Conditioner and water to wet and define her curls in each section of hair. I used the process explained on Tightly Curly's website. We are almost out of the Coconut Milk Conditioner which is why we used the other kind. The conditioner worked fine in terms of hold and slipperyness. I kept a cup of water nearby to keep my hands and her hair wet while I was working.

The styling held up okay after her nap, but she had been very uncomfortable with the bands. Perhaps I got them too tight but they seemed to be hurting her and catching on her clothes and when I tried to put it into to pony tails. I had been planning to twist or braid each section for the rest of the week but I decided to cut out the bands. I used the end of my rat tail comb to pull up the band and then clipped it with baby fingernail clippers. Then I put her hair into four protective braids for bedtime.

I've been wrapping her head in a play silk and she has a silk pillow case but her hair still looks like this in the morning:
With some distilled water and more condition, 30 minutes later her hair looked like this.

So cute but 30 minutes a day to do hair just isn't going to work for us. At bedtime, I pulled her hair into a high ponytail. I've been using big ouchless bands but I'm going to look for some of the round clips recommended by Tightly Curly that would require less pulling on the hair to get them in and out.

In the morning her hair looked like this:

I don't know why I never thought of it before, but I decided to use some water and oil mixture to define the little frizzies that don't stay in the pony tail. I also spritzed the pony tail and crunched some of the oil mixture to seal in the moisture. I had thought the water was the enemy and avoided wetting her hair regularly, but I am following the advice from Happy Girl Hair to spritz daily and seal with a moisturizer.

This style took about 10 minutes to spruce up each day and that's what we did the rest of the week. One of the problems with the style are that it won't fit under a hat or helmet. We pretty much go from helmet season to hat season. So it's always an issue. This time of year, I just wrap her head in one of her playsilks and pull up her hood. That's enough to keep the cold air out of her ears. When we're biking, I can put the helmet over the play silk (not with this hairstyle though).
The second problem or consideration is that free hair tangles and dries out. Braids or twists keep away the tangles and expose less of the hair. So, that's what we're trying this week. I let you know how it goes.


snekcip said...

You're get HAIR 101 down I see! Amanda has beautiful curly and thick hair!! My little girl has thick hair as well and has to be a braided ponytail instead of a twist ponytail! I usually takes me 20-30mins to do her hair! I usually comb her hair at night! That works better for us since we both have to be out of the house by 7:30 am to get her to preschool and myself to work!

Have you tried the color barrettes instead of the rubber bands! They come in an array of colors! SOme are ponytail holders and the other can clip on the end of her hair! Remember to remove them at night, so that she can sleep comfortably!

Jarmelia said...

Her hair is so cute!! About the mixture you use, I would be careful with that as a moisturizer b/c oils don't "really" moisturize. How often do you wash her hair? Just remember to "Keep It Simple" with the regimen. Her hair is gorgeous!!

La Familia Garcia said...

She's so lucky to have you as her momma! AND your one lucky momma!

Salma said...


My daughter Amira has Amanda's hair. It has been a long ride, and to be honest it was fun at first but got to be a major pain.

I can see how the hair starts to look fuzzy and thus messy, but I think at her age less is best. I tried so many things when my girls were young and I think I did more damage in the end, especially when it came to pulling at the hair.

You are def hands on when it comes to Amanda's hair...kudos.

Nancy said...

She is such a beautiful child (all of them are!). How loving that you take the time to research and experiment with what works best with her hair. Amanda looks cute all the time but I'm especially fond of the high ponytail! Adorable!

Alison said...

Oh the toil of looking after such curly hair! Just wait till you have to deal with Christiana's tight curls - that's what I'm dealing with and it's very hard work! As it gets longer the screaming matches when brushing get worse and worse. I don't like using chemicals on such young children so I keep Simmi's hair braided most of the time. I really wish she had Amanda's looser curls, they are so beautiful.