Friday, October 29, 2010

Eight Months

At eights months, I've started giving Tali baby food. We started with bananas. She's also tried avocados, applesauce and squash. She doesn't really like to eat yet and I only try to feed her about once a day. It's usually at night when the other girls are in bed because Christiana thinks that I should be feeding her while I'm feeding Tali and that's just a little too chaotic.

I adore the funny little faces she makes when she's eating. At first, she would cough and gag like I had given her a shot of whiskey. So funny!

She is very mobile and can get pretty much where ever she wants to go. She will even crawl across the room when she hears Mike come home. She pretty spoiled, too, and will cry if Mike doesn't pick her up right away. Like Amanda, she is slow about learning to sit up because she'd rather be off crawling around.

She often has her little tongue sticking out. It's so cute and reminds me so much of Tony at the same age.

In September, I finally decided I was going to work on getting her to sleep better at night. She seemed to be more persistent and would carry on for a very long time compared to the other two girls. It was always so much easier to nurse her and put her back to bed. But she was waking up twice a night. After a few nights of only changing her diaper and then putting her back to bed for one of the feedings, she began to sleep so much better. It's strange how me cutting out one feeding, led to her not waking for the second feeding.

We got into a pretty good pattern of her going to bed around 10 pm and waking around 7 or 8 am. Until a virus came through the house. And then another one. And then another one. She doesn't always get sick but if she wakes up while there is illness in the house, I always nurse her because I want her to get that extra protection. Thankfully, she gets back to sleeping better after a few days.

Since she's in bed, I'm going to go there too. Good night!


Myrtle said...

Your house sounds so much like ours. Ella-Shilloh is just getting used to eating. She also still sleeps with me - something I would like to change soon!

Kristi said...

Random question bc we were talking about adoption in class Tuesday and the cost. What would you say the average cost is? Also a girl in my class said it was cheaper to adopt biracial children - do you find that to be true?

Misty said...

Looks like your little peanut has mastered the army crawl (last picture posted). I love the tongue.

Davene said...

She does make such funny faces! So cute! Don't you wish you could read her mind when you put food in her mouth? :)

I'm SO GLAD she's sleeping better for you!!