Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chocolate-covered Grasshoppers

This post is actually from 10-7-11. I'm just back dating it for my dear squimish readers. :)

All for the love and curiosity of a sweet little girl...

So yesterday, we caught some grasshoppers in the neighbor's yard. Their grass is a little longer, thinner and weedier so there seemed to be more there. I had one plastic bag that I used to grab the grasshopper and another plastic bag to put it in once I caught one. A net would have been nice but we didn't have one. We put them into the freezer to die.

Today, after a short nap for me, (the little girls were still sleeping and Amanda had been reading books on the couch), we took them out and rinsed them. According to the boys, the largest insect in that picture is a locust. It has larger colored wings. Then Amanda and I worked to remove the legs, wings and heads. It would have been better, easier and less icky to remove them while they were still frozen. I had to keep telling myself they were like shrimp and it was like when I have removed the tails and de-veined shrimp. Then I coated them in a little light olive oil and sprinkled them with sea salt and roasted them at 250 F for 15 minutes.

When I put the grasshoppers in the oven, I also put the chocolate into a small glass bowl and set in on the steamer basket in a pot filled with water over medium heat.

The grasshoppers were done before the chocolate had melted and Amanda was very eager to try them. She just popped one in her mouth and said, "Mmmm! Tastes like chicken!" I couldn't stop laughing. She didn't understand what was so funny. Below are the three she didn't eat and saved to dip in chocolate.

Not to be confused with the chocolate-covered raisins we did to use up some more of the chocolate. We also made some chocolate-covered potato chips.

These were all placed on parchment paper and put into the fridge to cool and harden. Amanda eagerly gobbled up the rest of the grasshoppers and many of the raisins. Ana and I ate some of the raisins too. Tali was still in bed.

Tonight before bed, I read Amanda the story of John the Baptist and how he ate locusts and honey. She thought that sounded really good too. Grasshoppers could easily become a regular part of our diet around here. They would be a good thing to collect on our walks instead of those horrible Wollybear caterpillars Amanda is always wanting to bring home. :) Now, if we could just find a few nets...


Andrea said...

Oh my. What a learning experience! How cool, but at the same time, I don't know that *I'm* brave enough to try it, even if I don't do the tasting! I'm so glad you were, though! Lucky Amanda!

Nena said...

oh my, you are quite the adventurers! I can't say I would do it--I think it's gross to clean the skinless chicken breasts! Good for you guys! I'm thinking I would have dipped everything else before the grasshoppers....I am not a brave soul when it comes to food :)
thanks for sharing :)

Home Instead said...

Wow, you are super brave!!!

Home Instead said...

Wow, you are super brave!!!