Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Best Part of the Day

She hears his keys at the door.
She looks up from her meal and listens intently.
He whistles to her. She giggles.
She struggles to sit up and her eyes search for him.
Her breathing quickens.
Her pulse races.
She smiles brightly.
He says, "Hello!"
She gasps and sighs.
She reaches her arms to him.
He gathers her in his arms.
She squeals with delight.
Her joy is complete.
Daddy is home!


Lynnette said...

That's the sweetest thing I've read all week. Thank you for sharing that part of your day with us!

e&e said...

I assumed you are referring to Amanda, but then I read it again and Katie talking about herself?

Mike and Katie said...

That's actually Tali. The other two screech, "Daddy!" and run to rattle the gate until he comes up the stairs.

I only wish I could capture those moments on video. It's just so priceless.

Salma said...

Priceless...Girls love their fathers. Boys do too, but I have seen how girls just adore every little bit about their dads.