Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Little Girl Is So Amazing!

Amanda is so physically active! She is always climbing, hanging, running and jumping. Although the constant motion often drives me bonkers, I am so thankful for her good health and ability.

One of her favorite indoor activities involves swinging between one of these stools and the window ledge while I'm working in the kitchen. She has grow so strong and I was so amazed to watch her swing between the two stools the other day.

What a girl!


Karen said...

Our Zach is like that..very physically strong and very active...not to mention very loud! :-)

A Family of Love said...

She is looking so grown up! Her hair is beautiful!

snekcip said...

Look at that agility.....ok (2)words...Gymnast class! :)

mama said...

What a strong girl indeed.

momto9 said...

that's a great way to look at it...to be thankful for their health and ability...I'll remmeber that once their movie is over soon:) ~they always go nuts after sitting still for a movie:):):)
PS:I adore her curls!