Friday, September 10, 2010

The Routine

Around 7 am, Amanda wakes up. I get her breakfast and mine prepared and wake up the first baby to feed. That all depends on how Talitha slept. Today she slept through the night so I got her up first. Diaper changes happen first thing when the babies wake. After she's nursed, I prepare food for Christiana and get her up to eat while Talitha plays in her walker or on the floor. I feed Christiana her food and bottle on my lap while I eat my breakfast.

Then I fold laundry on the floor with all of them crawling around me or do dishes with the baby on my back and the other two standing in chairs at the sink.

Then the baby goes down for a nap followed by the toddler. Sometimes Christiana helps with the bathroom swish and swipe before going back to bed.

Next I start or "reboot" a load of laundry. Then I pump and do school with Amanda. We've been exploring Star Fall the last couple of days. We also go through her alphabet flash cards, play memory or go through the bird book my mom gave her.

Then Amanda and I prepare food for a meal or two. I also use this time to do dishes if I didn't during the first chore time. If there are plenty of left-overs in the fridge, we might do a special craft like painting. Sometime I have a special project I need to do like sorting clothes or cleaning out a cupboard. I also use this time to shower or do Amanda's hair. I have Amanda read or play with her cards in the bathroom while I shower if she doesn't join me.

Around 11 to 11:30 am, it's time to get the babies up to eat again. If I feed Christiana first, she just crawls around while I am feeding Talitha. Amanda often takes as much time to eat by herself as it takes me to feed the two babies. When she's done she gets down and pushes a chair to the sink to wash her hands herself.

Then I sit on the floor and fold more laundry and Amanda begins to clean-up the toys before nap time. Then I put Tali to bed by changing her diaper, putting her in a sleep sack or second layer of jammies, giving her a burp cloth to chew on and laying her in bed. Christiana gets a diaper change, teeth brushed, a drink of water and covered with her afghan. Finally, Amanda goes potty, gets her teeth brushed and then put in bed. I pump, have a snack and try to take a nap, too.

Tali is almost always the first one up after naps between 2:30 and 3 pm. She nurses and often Amanda gets up and uses the potty by herself. If I'm going some where, after nursing Tali, I will prepare Christiana's bottle and food to take along. I will also pack the diaper bag. Then I wake Christiana, change her diaper and we head out the door. I carry both babies and the diaper bag; Amanda opens the door for me.

When we get home, if Christiana has been fed, she goes right to bed. Tali gets nursed and put in bed and then Amanda and I get dinner. It's usually a reheated meal that we made earlier in the day. We usually aren't gone longer then two hours, so I can put Tali right to bed when we get home if Christiana still needs to eat dinner.

If we don't go anywhere I usually put Tali back to bed after an hour or so of wake time.

About the time I'm putting Christiana to bed, I hear Tali waking up. This is usually about 6 pm. I nurse Tali while Amanda cuts capers. Seriously, she gets so wiggly and silly this time of night. Then Tali goes back to bed and if Mike's home, we sit down with him. On a good day, the boys eat with us and we read from the Old Testament together. Each of us reads a section. We are in 2 Kings right now. Some nights, I will take Amanda out for a run or a ride around the block on her bike if we didn't get outside earlier. She is a great runner! She ran almost 1/2 mile the other day.

Next it's time to put Amanda to bed. We were having a lot a bedtime drama so we started saying that if there was no whining at bedtime she would have two stories. That has really helped.

After she's in bed, I have a snack, pump and then start cleaning up the kitchen. I also clean up the living room if I didn't do that with Amanda before she went to bed. About the time I'm finished and ready to climb into bed, I hear Tali wake up. She wants to nurse and play for a little bit. She is so silly, loud and lively this time of night. She's so much fun. It's always hard to put her back in bed. Some how I manage. :)

Then I collapse in bed. I get up once during the night to pump and often Tali gets up then, too. I have been working on having her sleep through the night but that is still in process.


momto9 said...

phew such busy days filled with babies:) So the pumping is for Christianas bottle?~I'm guess ing yes.
you have a very lovely family:) some day when my littles are older I'd like to adopt...maybe cause I just can't bear the thought of no babies in the house:)

Karen said...

I enjoyed reading about your day!

Mike and Katie said...

Yes, I am pumping for Christiana's bottles and to have milk to donate to my firend's adopted baby. Christiana usually has about 18 ounces per day and I usually have 24 ounces to donate.

Andrea said...

I can't imagine how much laundry you must have to do! I feel like *I* am always washing, hanging, or folding laundry, and I don't have two teenage boys on top of my husband and three little ones! (AND, my older little ones are old enough to fold and put away their own clothes and a few other things, too.)

Wow. I'm tired now, just reading, and feel inspired at the same time to up my own daily rhythm to take on a few of the things that seems to slip each day!

Mike and Katie said...

Thankfully, Mike and the boys do their own laundry and they do loads that I send down in the evening and bring them up when they're dry. I'm hoping there will be slightly less laundry once Tali stops spitting up so much.

J said...

Wow I need to take nap now after reading that.

Davene said...

Wow, that's amazing! It sounds like you've got a great routine in place...and you even have synchronized napping so you can get a nap. That's WONDERFUL!

I keep thinking that I'm going to do A Day in the Life of... kind of post so that I'll always be able to remember what this phase of my life was like, but so far I haven't done it. Thanks for inspiring me though; maybe I'll get around to it one of these days. :)