Monday, September 13, 2010

Pete and Repeat

I know we've seen this funny crawl before but it's still so incredibly funny to watch. Christiana was crawling around like this and then standing up but she wouldn't do it once I got the camera out or on the slippery kitchen floor.


snekcip said...

How funny!!! I had to laugh when I saw that BOTH girls crawled this way!! Must be the "cool feeling" linoleum floors! LOL!! Now Talitha has to continue the "tradition"!! of the infamous "Mowgli crawl"!

Abbie said...

That is adorable! But it hurts my back just watching her bent over that way. She seems like she could be walking any day now!!

Nan said...

Lebau had done too before she walk, It's funny when saw again , remind me about Lebua, Thanks for sharing.
Oh food that Lebau cook if not put egg it will be Thai food, but she love egg so it her create food. :-)
Have a nice day.