Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Other Beach...

Looking who's sitting up!!!
And who's standing up!!!

Of course, staying upright is a bit tricky when you have a sister who loves you THIS much!

This is the beach that we have been going to for most of the summer. There's my van sitting in the hot sun. We are parked relatively close on this day but often we have to park much farther away. This is the shady spot under the pine trees where I sit with the babies after taking Amanda swimming. In order to take her, I wear one baby on my back on one on my front. I don't actually swim. I just wade up to my hips which is plenty deep for Amanda to swim and I don't have to deal with two wet babies.

Here's the playground and the long walk through the hot sand to get to the water. The water is way too far away for me to just let her play while I sit in the shade with the babies. After swimming I do let her play on the playground while I feed the babies in the shade.

And let's not forget the famous hanging rings that are on the lake side of the playground where I can't see them. I asked Amanda to show me how she did the rings by herself. She showed me how she could reach the ring, hold onto the pole and then pick up her legs up swing. So, that guy was totally over reacting. She was fine! ;)

My mom and two nephews came with us to the beach on this day. The boys and my mom all biked to the beach and I drove the two little girls.

Amanda rode in the buggy on the way to the beach. Usually my mom spends some time helping Amanda learn to ride her bike when she comes, but on this day Mom didn't have time. However, the next time I took Amanda out on the bike she had gotten over her fear of speed and pedaled like crazy! Thankfully, my mom had taught her how to use her brakes on a previous visit.
She used to pedal cautiously and slowly. So slowly that she would lose momentum and would need help to get going again. No more! It's so fun to watch her grow up and she was so proud of her success, too.


Sole Sister Salma said...

so sweet all the girls are gorgeous and growing beautifully in their own way...that's great Amanda got over her fear of speed.

Tina Fisher said...

You are much braver than I. I stayed away from the beach as I chickened out and thought it much too difficult. Now, I have no excuse....oh wait, now it's too cold.

Well, next year!

Your beach looks really nice! Great to have help!

The girls are getting so big so fast....where is this time going?

Cute as ever. Amanda sure is coming out of her shell isn't she! :)

gen said...

your children are beautiful! You are braver than I would be, swimming wearing 2 babies! It sounds exhausting!

looks like a fun day, wonderful photos!

Mike and Katie said...

Oh Gen,

I don't actually swim. That would be exhausting. I just wade out until the water is at my hips and both babies are still dry.

I let Christiana play in the water and sand a couple of times. But it was unpredictable whether she would love it or cry and dealing with a wet, sandy, crying baby was just no fun.

Emma said...

Your three girls are so adorable! Were your two both adopted domestically? The younger one (sorry, I don't know her name!) looks kind of Ethiopian! (that's where my sisters are from...)

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Emma,

Christiana is from Florida. I'm beginning to recognize babies from Ethiopia, too, after reading so many adoptions blogs. They seem to be smaller and more petite and have a distinctive eye shape.

What's funny is that on this particular day, there were two other toddlers from Ethiopia at this beach. Somebody else came and asked if there was some kind of adoption convention going on. Nope it was just a total coincidence. The woman who asked also had several adopted children but they were white so it wasn't as noticable.