Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Brain is Not Going to Turn to Mush

Okay, so if you have had a conversation with me any time during the last year you know that my brain has in fact turned to mush, but...

I was feeling a little lost not being involved in the boys school last year. I always imagined Tyler getting to the this age and being enrolled in college classes through PSEO. I would no longer be responsible for the grading and correcting but would be devoted to helping him with revising and editing. It was going to be fun and he would have a great advantage having a live-in writing tutor. Yeah, he's not really into all that. He has yet to let me help revise a paper for school. He says something about wanting it to be his own work. Sigh.

However, my dear ever-loving husband, knowing how much I wanted to help somebody in their college studies, decided to go back to school this fall. Just for me! Isn't that sweet?

Just kidding! He did actually go back to college and I am so thrilled and proud of him. And he has allowed me to help and that makes me happy too.

He's enrolled in an online program with Ohio Christian University. He started on August 31st. It's been going really well for him and he is busy doing homework every night. He actually considered going back last fall but I'm sure glad he decided against that. He is currently working toward an associate in business but is considering a masters degree in teaching. I'm looking forward to supporting him on this new adventure and happy for the opportunity to have my brain stimulated so it doesn't turn completely to mush through lack of use. :)

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Laura said...

Wow, that's so wonderful! (For him and you, since you get to help now.) :) Good luck with everything, Matt just finished 4 years of his masters and it was pretty busy and hectic but it's so worth it!