Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hair Revisited

I been on a sabbatical of sorts in regards to Amanda's hair. I've just been doing the bare minimum which means she usually looks quite frightful. My neighbors just think I'm very safety conscious because I always make her wear a helmet when we're out riding bikes, but really it's to cover her wild hair.

Lately I've been doing a bit more research and trying to learn about more long lasting styles. One of my blog friends directed me to Happy Girl Hair. It is a wonderful website devoted to teaching gentle and natural care for curly-haired cuties. She's even posted some wonderful tutorial videos teaching various styles and care techniques.

I have been told this before, but the comments this mom receives on her blog and videos have again reminded me that well-cared for hair equals a well-loved child. For many women of color, caring properly for my girls' hair demonstrates my love and devotion to these little girls that we have adopted. What that means to me is that I need to get into a better routine of caring for her hair so that when Mike is heading to town, Amanda can go with him instead of having to stay home because I have no time to make her hair presentable before he wants to leave.

Right now Happy Girl Hair is hosting a give-away for an adorable sleep cap. Amanda has been sleeping on a silk pillowcase but she still seems to wake up with her hair all amiss so perhaps a sleep cap will help.


mama said...

try putting Amanda's hair in protective three stand or two stand braids before bed, that way her hair will not be all wild and tangled in the morning. use soft ponytail holders in the ends to keep the braids from coming apart while she sleeps.

jmckemie said...

a good friend who is mommy to 3 beautiful girls that grew in her heart but not her tummy with this curly hair found that, at that age anyway, they loved having their hair beaded. It took a while but lasted about a month. All their hair would be braided into thin little braids and then colorful pony beads slid onto the braids. They loved shaking their heads and beign able to make music!
It truly is a labor of love to keep that hair looking beautiful.

Tina Fisher said...

Her curls are so beautiful! I would also try the braids. She'll love them! And so will you b/c she'll be ready to go!

Myrtle said...

Katie, I can't get over your commitment to your daughter's hair journey. She will grow up to really appreciate it! Thanks for sharing the link. I love it!

Jessie's Girls said...

Thanks for all your helpful hints and links about babywearing the other day - I'll probably come to you with more questions later!

I relate to the hair difficulties. My oldest has extremely curly hair, that is extremely fine and breakable. It seems that no matter how adorable she looks immediately after her bath, one nap or nighttime will utterly destroy it. I'd never thought of a sleep cap or a silk pillowcase.