Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's the story?

Feel free to write your own story to go with these pictures. I'm going to bed.

The real story:

This is Mike's uncle, Danny. He and his wife Barb rode over on Tyler's birthday for a visit. My mom had come up for a visit and to bring Tyler a cake. By some random chain of events, my house was clean, I had a ham in the oven and the little girls were napping. So, when Danny and Barb came around 11:30 am, I was completely prepared to serve and enjoy a nice meal. It's been a long time since that happened. Even sitting down together as a family has been quite rare since I got pregnant with Talitha.

Mike mentioned later that this was the first time part of my extended family and part of his extended family has ever sat down together for a meal. It was great to get to know them better and it made the day more festive for Tyler. They really enjoyed spending time with our kids and it reminded me how families are truly build by convenants and not blood.

You see, Danny and Barb are not related to Mike biologically. Mike's dad married his mom and than adopted Mike when he was young. Mike was accepted as family and in turn we, as his wife children and now adopted children, are all accepted as part of the family. In reference to adoptiong, people wonder, "How will I love a child that I am not biologically related to?" The answer is simple. The same way you love others who join your family through a convenant, including a spouse, you accept them as family and love them no matter what.

As for the motorcycle, well it's just cool! I wish I had a picture of Danny and Barb all decked out in their road gear. This was the first time Amanda has seen or heard a motorcycle up close. She was out with my mom practicing riding her bike when they arrived so it was fun to hear her exclaimations when she came back in the yard and saw the motor bike. She didn't go for a ride on the big bike but Danny turned it on for her while she was sitting on it. Hence, the worried look in the first picture.


Lynnette said...

To the tune of Do Lord:

Do-rag, oh Do-rag,
oh do remember me.
Do-rag, oh Do-rag,
oh do remember me.

Do-rag, oh Do-rag,
oh do remember me.
Because you are so blue.

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

Lynette, that's just too cute!

I don't know the full story, but I do know my kids LOVE Grandaddy's motorcycle!

I do love her do-rag though, such a special touch for a biker chick!

snekcip said...

Pic 1-"I'm not to sure about this!"

Pic 2-"Okay GrandDad, where are MY handles on this thing"

Pic 3- "Uhhh...GrandDad...eyes on the road buddy!!

Pic4-"Am I the cutest BIKER CHICK ever or what!!

Pic5-"Whaaat!!! I was just gonna take it for a spin around the block..that's all!

What cute pics!!! Love it!