Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There are TWO of them!

My dad and his wife, Connie, sent us these recorders for Christmas when the boys were little. As you can see the girls love them, too.

I had wanted to get a nice video of them playing nicely together but had to keep stopping the camera because of the little incidents and near brawls. I was frustrated because I couldn't capture them sweetly playing together. When I went to review the clips later I couldn't stop laughing because they were just so funny and it's so typical of what our day is like. They are always one push, pull or grab away from tears but there is so much laugher and giggles, too.

Tony showed me how to put all the clips together into one video. He is so tech savvy.

When I used to baby sit other people's children, I used to get overwhelmed by all the noise. I was a little concerned about whether I was really cut out for many small children even though that's what I really wanted. You know, when they are your own, it's completely different. I am perfectly capable of tuning them out when necessary and enjoying the joyful noise the rest of the time. Mike and I do need to learn more sign lanuguage though, because it's usually so loud that we can't hear each other.


Christie said...

I like the editing job!!! They work well as weapons too, huh!?

snekcip said...

You're one BRAVE woman! Two recorders, two toddlers who are very capable of blowing BOTH of them in mind blowing rhythm successfully! LOL!!! They are just precious as ever!!

e&e said...

That's awesome, girls! I love that the sibling rivalry already comes into play.

mama said...

so cute.