Sunday, August 1, 2010

Milk Run

Can you guess who this little cutie is?

It's my milk baby! Isn't she the sweetest, chubbiest little thing ever? Her parents adopted a little girl named Jada through LSS just a month before we adopted Amanda. We connected about a year later through the blog world. This little girl, Jenay, came home with them about a month after Tali was born. She didn't gain any weight for the first three weeks and they were really worried about her. As you can see, my milk has worked it's magic and she's quite plump and healthy. You'd think after holding babies all day long, I get enough but I loved holding Jenay, stroking her soft fuzzy hair and having her fall asleep in my lap.

After my first milk baby started doing better and didn't need any more milk, I was going to post on Milk Share but thought I would ask Jodi if she was interested first. Not everyone is comfortable with milk sharing. She was thrilled! They live about three hours away from us so I figured we would have to do some driving to connect with them. By we, I mean, Mike and the boys, because he's always been such a good sport about doing milk runs. However, our neighbors who watched the kids while I was in the hospital, were making a trip through the Cities and were happy to drop off a cooler full of milk. The next month, our airport friends were in our area visiting and were also happy to bring a couple of coolers of milk back to the Cities, too.

I was so thankful for these friends who could help me get the milk to Baby Jenay without either one of us having to travel with our many small children but I was even more delighted that Craig and Jodi decided the venture out and come see us last weekend. It was so fun to finally meet them in person. They are such a great couple and have such big hearts for their kids.

Here's Jada and Amanda enjoying a picnic in the kitchen.

Jada and Jenay also have an older brother, Jakob. He and Amanda had a good time hiding under blankets in the living room while we visited. Why anyone would want to put a blanket over their head when it's eighty degrees is a mystery but it kept them quiet and entertained so it's all good.
Thanks for visiting, Craig, Jodi and family!


His Hands His Feet Today said...

Selah will take some if you want to take a lllooonnngg road trip! lol!

jodilee0123 said...

Yes! Thanks for having us--and, of course--spending all that time and energy pumping pumping pumping packing saving and freezing all that milk for us! Not a drop goes unappreciated! Jenay is all happy that she gets to have her milk. She is not that fond of formula. Hope we can venture back again soon sometime! :0)