Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making Connections

It's so much fun listening to a child learning to communicate! Here are some of the cute little tidbits from Amanda's journey of language development.

Keys sound like "kiss" so she kisses the keys.

When she wants cashews, she'll say cashews and make the sign for "shoes."

For soccer ball, she signs "socks" and "ball."

For pear, she signs "bear."

For Tony's friend Jack, she signs "jacket."

Do you need a band-aid? No, I'm dood. (good)

Little Miss Muffet eats "turds and whey."

Ponies are momies.

Granola is "lola."

Of course the common mistake of "l" for "y." "Lello, lou, logurt, Marilella." In the recorder video she says, "No, luse lours." (Use yours.)

Look 'at me did!

"If you're happy in your nose, say, "Amen!"


Mandy said...

LOL! I love the creative use of the letter 'l'... so cute! :)

snekcip said...

Don't you just love "todder-speak"! My says...

Our did you get that name *hallow be thy name*

Yogret *yogurt*

Momma I need to stand on my stomp *stool* so I can brush my teeth

After helping me fold laundry: Daddy, I *folded* your panties for you!

To our schnauzer after it's potty break outside-Paris!! Did you wipe your bottom and wash your hands!!!

To our schnauzer at bedtime-C'mon Paris we gotta say our prayers, put your *hands* together like close your eyes!

Funniest of them all....Awwww Momma...Paris eating gum!! Me: WHAT!!!! *I run in the room and there is an overpowering smell of MINT in the air and there sits a furry faced schnauzer w/gobs of doublemint gonk in it's "beard" and chomping away, as a certain then 2yr old stands "behind the scene" slowly chewing on her OWN piece of gum!!!! Can you say major grooming appt needed ASAP!!!!

LOL!! Fun times! I think your babies are just precious! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, that was so funny, especially turds and whey!! I can't wait for Noah to talk more so I can hear funny things he'll say.

Genevieve said...

oh love it! I love how she kisses the keys!

precious memories :) we still use silly words my two oldest used when little- they've just become part of our language...