Friday, July 30, 2010


Amanda decided it was time for Christiana to upgrade to a sippy cup. She was often giving Christiana sips of her water so I decided to give them each a cup and use the cute name bands that Amanda's foster grandma made for the girls.
Amanda knows which one is hers and likes to have me read the letters with her. However, it doesn't stop the cup sharing because Amanda thinks it's fun to drink out of Christiana's cup, too.
I don't plan to offcially transition Christiana to a cup and get rid of the bottles anytime soon. I want to continue that time when Christiana slows down to cuddle while drinking her milk. So, the cup will just be filled with water for extra little drinks during the day. Mostly, it's just entertainment right now and a floor-washing precursor.

After a couple of challenging outings this week- the mall, Wal-Mart and the chiropractor- I realized it was time to upgrade to The Bus. That's our double stroller that feels like I'm driving a bus. We use it all the time while we are walking in the neighborhood but the only time it's been in the van was when I bought and took it home. I didn't even lift it then so I had know idea how it was going to work for us. It is pretty heavy and it definitely takes more time to set up than that the stroller frame, but it was manageable.

Talitha enjoyed the new ride but for Christiana it meant she wasn't on my back. She wasn't too happy about that.

Amanda upgraded to the big swings! She held on so well. Two people have helped her go on the big swings lately while I believed she was still to young. Apparently, she's not. Once the baby swings were free, she did ask to ride on them, too.

Christiana was much happier on the swings than in the stroller.


Tina Fisher said...

A lot of "new" stuff going on! I take "the bus" everywhere. It's a staple for me. Yup, we sure do have the same one!

Your girls are just so beautiful!

e&e said...

Your girls are all so sweet and precious. I miss big they'll be next time we see them! I love these photos.

Lynnette said...

All 3 of our kids still like the baby swings even though they do pretty well on the big swings. They can go higher in the baby swings since I push them higher in them;and, really, when even the almost-6-year-old weighs less than some 2-and-3-year-olds, it's hard to tell them they're too big. I do tell them that any younger kids at the park get priority in the baby swings though!

Karen said...

My double-stroller is my life-saver. I'm dreading swim lessons this morning because the area I need to stay in is up steps. Not sure how I'll manage...but somehow it'll work out!