Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Face

This face was sure making us laugh last night when Amanda was playing her newest game with Daddy.

She would hold the tape measure, walk backwards to extend it, count down to three, and Mike would let it go.

Again and again and again. and every time she made this face. It still makes me laugh to see it now.


A Family of Love said...

So cute! What is it about tape measures that kids love? Matthew loves Scott tape measure.

e&e said...

Seriously, that is a sweet and silly face! Did she ever get her fingers snapped? We played this same game once, but it ended in tears and an injured finger.

jodilee0123 said...

Love it! Jakob and Jada had such an awesome time at our short visit. We made it home with hardly any tantrums. Good thing we left when we did. . . . traffic was kind of annoying. Thanks again for the milk! :0) p.s. Jenay had fun too--she just doesn't do much. My kids love the outdoors--and the quiet--so your place was perfect! I think we still have a 1/2 eaten pb&j somewhere in the car! haha!