Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shooting on Manual

Alternately titled- Who says children in large families don't get enough attention?

After reading this post on Mckmama's blog, I've been experimenting with using the manual setting on my camera. I don't have DSLR but I do have a camera that has some options. The first pictures I took using the manual setting were Tali's five month photos and I love how they turned out. It's been hit or miss using it at other times. Like this shot below. It's a perfect example of using the manual setting. Christiana's face is totally in focus and very crisp while the other two girls aren't. However, it probably wasn't the best setting for this picture since I would have liked to have all the girls in focus.
Are you dying to know how I got all three to look at me? I had a tinker toy stick in my mouth that I had spit out a couple of times before the other photos. They were waiting for me to do it again.
I've been trying to get a picture of these three around the walker for some time now. As soon as I put Tali in the walker, both girls flock to her, fill up her tray with toys and play with her. They flock to her when I lay her on the floor, too, but this is safer for her. Sometimes she gets a little too much attention.
The girls are in their party dresses because we went to a first birthday party for a bloggy friend who lives near us. It went really well. Everybody was well-haved and there were plenty of extra hands for baby holding. It almost feels like we are beginning to have a social life again. Fun!


momto9 said...

they are so adorable in their matching clothes and bright smiles:)

Tina Fisher said...

The dresses are adorable!