Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's 1:15 am. The baby has finally fallen asleep. It's hot in our bedroom. It's cool outside. Our window is open. Somebody decides to set off FIREWORKS!

Our window is closed. The baby is crying again. Sigh. Yawn.


Salma said...

Yeah seriously. I cannot believe that people are setting off fireworks at 5 am.

Same in my neighbourhood, and I just mentioned to hubby lastnight that it scares the kids and the animals. Not cool.

Tina Fisher said... you wonder why firewords can't be like right after dark and then done? Who are these people who do fireworks at all hours of the night? Don't they know our kids are a mess when they don't get enough sleep? Really, I think we should invite them over for breakfast at 6:00 AM! ;)

Hoping you get a nap today! :)

AntfarmMom said...

Awww...sorry I know exactly how that is. We live by a lake and that sort of stuff goes on lots and lots here. Frustrating!

Laura said...

Of course, right!? Hope you got some sleep Mama! :)

Shelley said...

Hi Katie,
I've spent the last couple of days reading every post on your blog since Amanda's adoption began. Just wanted to let you know, I've loved it. I really can't remember how I got to your blog, but I hope to adopt some day and have been encouraged by your family's story. Blessings,

Nan said...

Hi Katie,
I love to read your blog, I have give you blog award :-)
Have a nice day.