Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White and Blue Eyes

Happy Fourth of July!

A lady at church noticed that I had the girls dressed in red, white and blue. Except Tali. The only blue she had was her eyes.

After church, Mike took the boys in town to go the parade. We've lived here six years and this is the first time they've been to the Fourth of July parade. Traffic is usually so crazy that we just avoid town but the boys wanted to go to see some of their friends. Many times Mike and the boys have gone up north to celebrate with his family, too.

The girls and I took naps and then headed outside for a bit. Christiana is really getting stronger standing up. None of my kids have walked before they were a year, but do so by 13 months. I'm beginning to think it's because I don't think about working with them until the 12 month mark is looming and I start to feel the pressure to have them walking. Just in the past week, I have begun to have Christiana stand up and help her walk every chance I get and she's shown great improvement.

Amanda was anxious to raid the raspberry patches again. She and Mike went out yesterday and picked a bowl full of berries for me. Mike said that Amanda ate just as many as he picked. They picked from our patch as well as several other spots in the neighborhood. Our raspberry bushes are doing great despite the fact that the deer are the only ones who have ever pruned them


The Henrys said...

The girls looked so cute in their patriotic outfits! I love Talitha's blue eyes. Madeline's are similar but have actually lightened up some. My 2 were later walkers too. They both had little interest until after their 1st birthdays. Madeline was 15 months and Will was 17 months!

La Familia Garcia said...

soo cute I love the matching looK!