Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Midnight Musing

There are certain types of summer thunderstorms that take me back. I was sixteen and staying with my dad in Illinios for a month. Several of his brothers and sisters also lived in the same area so a group of us went to go see Jurassic Park. It was my first time in a surround sound theater.

That movie terrified me! My cousin Charlotte and I clung to each other and screamed out loud. I still have nightmares from that movie and every once and a while when I hear distance thunder in the middle of the night, I feel that fear and panic and hopelessness that I did while watching that movie. It was so scary to me because it seemed like there was nothing the people could do to stop the dinosaurs. Their only hope was to escape the island. The people were so small and unequipped to deal with such power.

Years later, I learned of the passages starting in Job 40:15 where God directs Job's attention to very large, very powerful, very scary creatures that sound very much like dinosaurs. God used these creatures to remind Job that He was God and Job was very insignificant. I find the illustration very fitting especially when I remember the fear I felt during that movie. No matter how big and scary and out of control our lives feel, God is bigger.