Friday, July 16, 2010

Keeping Busy

This place is scary and beautiful. It's part of a channel that was dug between two lakes. However, one of the lakes was infected with an exotic species and so they blocked it off so boats no longer use it.

This makes me queasy when I think about that if they fell into the water below it would extremely bad. It's only two or three feet deep and filled with rocks. I'm sure the danger is part of it's appeal to them.

There's a nice little area to access the water in a safer spot.

The boys love to fish here even though I don't think I've ever seen them catch anything. There is a giant bass that always seems to be lurking around right near this spot. I think they caught it once but since nobody wants to clean fish, they always put them back.

Of course, Amanda wanted to crawl onto the ledge with the boys. Sorry, babe, not happening.
When ever I bring my camera out on our adventures, I can't resist taking a picture of Tali's smiling face. But when I'm taking pictures, I usually have Christiana on my back and Tali in her carseat/stroller. So, for every outing we have a picture of Tali beaming from her carseat.

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Joy Estelle said...

Beautiful pictures!