Friday, July 9, 2010

Is Love Colorblind?

With our first adoption we were open to a child of any race. With our second adoption we deliberately signed up in an agency assisted program for the adoption African American or bi-racial children after learning about the great need for families willing to adopt these children. Our agency had more birth mothers than families willing to adopt these children.

Before our first adoption, we went through a cross-cultural training. It was very disheartening. I began to feel like it was almost abusive for us to adopt a child of color considering where we live. We began to understand how difficult it was going to be for our child/ren. At this point we don't feel called to move to a more diverse area because we feel there is so much to offer to children to growing up in a woodsy small town, but we are learning to be sensitive to their needs. Now that we are getting out a bit more I am noticing the long stares that Christiana receives. Amanda doesn't attract quite as much attention because there are other brown-skinned people (Asian, Hispanic and Native American) in our area but very few black people (African American, Jamaican, African or Haitian).

My point is that we need to be educated, sensitive and open with our girls and not just brush our differences under the rug by saying that love is color-blind. We need to see color and embrace it.


Sole Sister said...

You're right on, and it will matter to Christiana when she gets older.

On the other hand, sometimes people need to make sense of things, so they want to know where she came from etc.

Kudos to your family.

jodilee0123 said...

We live in a very diverse area so it is nice. . . and rarely do I feel that people are looking at us for any other reason than the simple fact that my children are very very loud and very very very active (or rather--out of control--haha!) but, I kind of have to think that people may be looking at you or me wondering how the heck we are carting around three young children. We get so much attention with three vs. when we just had two. We will have to come and visit you sometime so the kids can also be exposed to other families like ours! :0)

Charlene said...

You have a beautiful family...each one of them...I'm afraid that our belief of loving and accepting everyone as Gods creation to be embraced and treated equally is not, and will not ever be universal...our world is too full of evil. Some day good will overcome evil...that day will be when Jesus comes again.

UmmAbdulAziz said...

Hello, new to your blog! You have beautiful family; sweet, adorable children!