Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Glimpse...

... of the boy he used to be.

Tyler and Tony are at that tough age when they begin to doubt who they've been but they aren't sure who they are. When they get together with friends they tend to only want to watch movies or listen to music because that's safe. They can hang out with friends without revealing very much about themselves. I feel bad for them. It's so awkward and uncomfortable.

However, it's always fun to catch those little moments when their true self is revealed. Like the other night, when I spotted this tree frog on the front door. Tyler ran up, grabbed the frog and brought it downstairs to watch the movie with us. It kept jumping off his lap onto his friend. When I took pictures of it, it actually jumped right onto the camera and then on to my hand. Pretty soon he went to his room t0 find something to make a house for it.

Of course, it escaped by the end of the movie and wasn't found until Tony went to bed, but it was funny and brought back memories of the hours the boys have spent finding, feeding and caring for toads, frogs and other various creatures.


momto9 said...

Too bad they grow up eh?

Charlene said...

I know I don't have to remind you to treasure those moments...they grow up much too quickly.