Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Five Months

At five months, Talitha is rolling and wiggling all over the place. She is very interested in toys and any objects within her reach. Even while nursing she is grabbing and pulling at my shirt or the blankets. She is very interactive with her sisters and her face lights up when she sees them.

Talitha nurses every three to four hours and usually goes to bed for the night around 11 pm. She starts the day some where between 7 and 8 am. She takes about three naps, too. She goes to sleep better if she is swaddled which is challenging in this warm weather. She prefers to sleep on her side or back even though she could roll over if she wants to. She makes a lot of noise chattering, cooing and screeching. She has the sweetest little laugh when I nuzzle in her neck. She will interrupt nursing to look for her Daddy when she hears his voice.

She still spits up quite a bit but is growing and gaining weight just fine so it's mostly just a laundry issue. She is wearing mostly 6-9 month size clothing but her belly is beginning to hang out of some of the shirts.

The days and months are going by so quickly but I often find myself looking and my three little girls in awe. We waited so long to have little people at our feet again. They are such a miracle.


Charlene said...

love those fat, dimpled, wrinkled fingrs ..........

Momto15 said...

Adorable family! I am catching up on "your story"- I would love to chat more!

e&e said...

I love that last thought. I think the same thing when I look at your girls. I love them all.

Danielle said...

I've been following your blog for about two months. I'm particularly interested because we have three boys 10,7,and 5. We also have a 7 wk old daughter (after four miscarriages) a two year old foster daughter and an eight month old foster son. The foster children are bi-racial and have just recently returned to our home. When I discovered your blog we were hoping that the children would return and I was excited because of the similar ages of the younger three. It's tricky right now to meet everyone's needs as I'm sure you can relate. I'd be interested to hear more about any tips you have about taking outings or just anything about taking care of two babies and a toddler. It's darling how your daughter likes to wear and "nurse" her dollies. Our two year old really likes babies too but isn't used to doing daily things by her mom's side. We think they were left to themselves a lot. Right now it looks probable that we will be able to adopt. We also home school and go to a family-integrated church. We live in Indiana.

Genevieve said...

She is beautiful! How I miss the baby stage, my "baby" is 7..sigh.

love those baby arms and feet!