Monday, June 28, 2010

The View From Here

This is the view from the back seat when we are all together in the van as a family. By the way, he should be wearing his glasses while driving.

For a long time Mike wouldn't let Tyler drive with the little girls in the vehicle but I guess they are both getting more confident in Tyler's driving skills. I try not to think about it and trust God. I also realize that if I was pregnant there would be no way I could stand riding in the back with his herky-jerky, not-so-smooth driving!

You may remember how we all used to fit in the van. Amanda reached the rear-facing weight limit for her seat so now Christiana is in the middle position of the second row. Talitha is behind the driver's seat. That's the only seat in our van with the LATCH anchors.

Tony sits in front of me next to Christiana and Amanda sits in middle of the back seat in her new seat which has a rear-facing limit of 45 lbs. The middle was the only position where I could get a secure fit.

On Sundays when we all go to church together, Mike or Tyler will carry Talitha out to the van and snap her seat into her base. Mike will flip Tony's seat forward and have Amanda climb into her seat. Then he buckles her in through to back lift gate. Tony carries out the bags and I carry Christiana. I buckle Christiana and climb in back next to Amanda. Then Tony flips his seat into position and we are ready to roll. When we get to church the driver grabs Tali in her car seat, Tony grabs the bags and the stroller frame, and I unbuckle Amanda and carry Christiana.

If I'm going somewhere by myself, I will carry Tali in her car seat, the diaper bag and Christiana out to the van. (Don't tell my chiropractor.) I put Tali down outside the van and have Amanda climb back to her seat. Usually that passenger seat is flipped forward. I buckle Christiana into her seat and then buckle Amanda's. Then I pick up Tali and snap her seat into the base. Upon arrival, I get the stroller frame and snap Tali's seat into the frame. Then I push the stroller to the other side and unbuckle Amanda and then Christiana. I usually put Christiana into some kind of carrier at this point, too.

It's quite a production getting everybody in and out and we haven't completely got a handle on how much extra time that requires, but we're managing.


e&e said...

Cousin Katie=Choreographer Extraordinaire!

Charlene said...

Oh my...ditto to above...when my five were small...back in the 50's...don't recall vans or anything larger than a station-wagon being available...and no seat belts either!