Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fangorn Forest with Paved Trails

Last week, I took the boys a soccer camp at a new park. It wasn't real far from our house but we had never been there before. The soccer camp ended up being a bust and the boys didn't want to go back but the park was great and we went back after naps.

The best part of the park was the walking trail system. In the morning while we were there it was cloudy and the forest was dark and misty. Mike had previuosly shown Amanda how to sit on the edge of the stroller basket so she could ride with Tali. Christiana was on my back.
Tony has been avoiding the camera pretty seriously for the last year or so but he finally let me take photos of him again. Perhaps, I just needed to catch him in his natural habitat.

Or maybe bringing a couple of girls who were being silly trying to avoid the camera made him want to show off.

The park had a fabulous climbing tree.

Amanda was a little afraid sitting up in the tree but she had a good time checking out the new playground and swings.


mama said...

Your kids are so beautiful. I wish we had a park like that near by our house.

Shelley said...

Is that a raccoon Amanda is riding on? I haven't seen one of those before!

Mike and Katie said...

Isn't the raccoon cute? I've never seen one like it, either. It fit so perfectly in the setting.

Tina Fisher said...

Very nice Amanda! I like the park. We are lucky to have so many parks close aren't we!