Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Capturing the Rain

It all started because somebody said it was difficult to capture images of rain. I took that as a challenge.

These are photos I took while standing with the patio door open and looking out onto our deck.

Pretty soon this little bug crawled out the open door. She can be so fussy about certain things so I thought she's be upset about the cold rain falling on her head. She wasn't. She thought it was pretty funny.

While I had been taking the rain photos, Amanda had been standing between my legs. She never considered going outside. She was a little worried when Christiana crawled out until I told her that she could go outside, too.

They had such a good time romping around the wet deck. They're so silly.

Mike came home while this was going on and thought I was bit crazy.
I figured they needed baths and their clothes needed to washed anyways. They came in and warmed up in the tub. I'm glad Christiana is enjoying her baths again.

Why was Christiana wearing a bib? To keep her shirt dry, of course. You know, because she drools so much.


jodilee0123 said...

Great photos! What fun!

Kristi said...

Bahaha!! Wearing a bib as she sits outside and collects rain (drool from the sky).

momto9 said...

You have a good camera!!:)

The Henrys said...

Those pictures are amazing! I love that the girls had so much fun out there. We had the same bib issue as well. Will was 2 and still wearing them at times:)

Tyler said...

these are the neatest pictures! That first one is just awesome.. and the ones of them playing on the deck are precious. So sweet :)

e&e said...

I love that first drip shot! And I am so jealous of your "outdoor playpen". I thought about rigging something up like that on our deck, but my little Sophia can squeeze through the railings.

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Great pictures! Looks like they were happy and enjoying themselves. If it ever stops raining long enough we should plan a little trip to the park.

:)De said...

I love that you let your kids go out in the rain. My neighbor thinks I'm crazy because as long as there is no lightening, my kids play in the rain and mud every chance they get. Next time, I will have to make them wear bibs to keep their shirts dry tho'



Christie said...

Ran into your blog from "His Hands His Feet Today". I look forward to following you guys and getting to know you better.

In Christ,

Christie said...


Thanks for stopping by!

We are going through a non-profit organization here in NC called the Children's Home Society. I'm pretty sure they are throughout the country, also.

They give us the option of adopting from foster care or having a birth mother choose us.

We did have to have a fire inspection done for our homestudy.


Davene said...

Your rain photos turned out WAY better than mine!

Of course, you did have some very cute models to help you. ;)

The bib comment made me laugh!