Monday, June 21, 2010

A Bushel and a Peck

This winter Mike bought a Veggie Tales Lullabye CD for Amanda to listen to in the van. I thought it would like their Silly Songs so it was a long time before I listened to it. It turns out that it's a really great C.D. It's full of cute lallabyes and lovely hymns. I taught Amanda how to turn on the C.D. player so we listened to it all day everyday for several weeks. When the C.D. isn't playing Amanda is singing the songs. These are a couple of the songs she was singing on the way home from church.


e&e said...

That's awesome! I love her "I did it!" interjection there.

And Sophia LOVED the baby Tali video. And it was long enough for me to take a mini-nap (we watched it twice in a row).

Davene said...

I love that CD! We got it when Josiah was our baby, and whenever I think of it, I can instantly picture me standing in the kitchen of our tiny apartment in Israel, holding Josiah in my arms, and swaying as I sang along to the music. Precious memories!

Nancy said...

She is adorable!