Saturday, June 5, 2010

Amanda Photos

"My turn!" Amanda's learning to wait her turn: her turn to hug Daddy, her turn to eat, her turn to have pictures.
"My phone!" I snapped this picture of Amanda wearing my jacket and coloring so intently on a price tag. Three weeks later, when I brought the jacket home from church where it had been forgotten for two Sundays, she ran over, unzipped the pocket and pulled out the small rectangular lid to our juice pitcher and starting using it as a cell phone. I had been looking for that.
"Me try it?" Here's Amanda licking a cube of frozen pureed kale. She then asked for a bowl and to have it warmed up. I also added a generous amount of apple sauce and she ate it all up.

"Be my baby?" Amanda likes me to hold her like a baby and rock her. On this day, she actually fell asleep. When Mike came home, he helped me snap some pictures. Then she woke up, ran to his arms and promptly threw up all over him.
You just never know what to expect from this funny little girl.


Davene said...

Your notation that she found the lid to your pitcher reminds me that I have--finally--learned to ask my boys where something is when it's missing. They amaze me with how they can sometimes find things that I can't find ANYWHERE! Even Tobin is pretty good at going on these kinds of "treasure" hunts.

Of course, when my boys have lost something, then it's "MOM! Where's my...???" :)

Kristi said...

I am alive and in Texas!! Just looking for a job if you want to add me to your prayers!! I'm also trying to decide between my PhD and Med School (even though I know what I should do). Texas is going good - extremely hot but good and time with my family. How are y'all doing? I bet the girls are growing like weeds!

AntfarmMom said...

awww....she is so sweet! that last pic is so sweet. she feeling better?

e&e said...

You are hilarious, Amanda!

I love that first photo. She has such an older girl look on her face, but her chubby toddler arms give her age away. I can't wait to give her a squeeze!

ali said...

amanda is so precious, i love her little lips. what a beauty-they all are! tali is getting so big already! where have i been? tiana is getting ready to walk... i love her skin tone. i better chcek in more often huh? geesh! BIG HUGS! ali