Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today's Workout

This is what today's work out looked like. Add a giant red and white golf umbrella and a toddler with a small black umbrella. It was raining today but I wasn't going to let that stop me from getting out. Amanda was so thrilled to be using an umbrella. She talked about it the whole way around the loop.

This is the first time I've used two wraps to carry the girls. I started by wrapping the front white wrap on me loosely with no baby in it. Then I wrapped Christiana on my back. I had to untie the front wrap in order to tie Christiana's in front. Then I slipped Tali in the front pocket, crossed the tails over her and tied them under Christiana's feet. It was like putting all that pregnancy weight back on only more evenly distributed and I wasn't nauseous. :)


Karen said...

Impressive! I've dug out the backpack for our 5 month old who tends to be fussy when not held (he's teething).

momto9 said...

Wow now THAT is what I call a workout!

e&e said...

Dear Katie,
You're crazy.
I love you,

Nicole Marie said...

WOW! Katie, you are amazing!!! I can't even get the back wrap down. Can you show me how to tie Cameron on my back the next time we meet?

Anonymous said...

Last line is hilarious...pregnancy weight and lack of nauseousness. Glad you're on this side of the story!

Your determination is commendable.

Jessie Jarman

Jamie said...

You must get quite a lot of conversations started with the people you meet!

La Familia Garcia said...

HOW did you do that!?!