Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making Progress

Thanks for your guesses! I'm waiting to publish the answer and comments until Joshy and Mariella have a chance to guess. They always have the funniest guesses.

Christiana is doing so much better with eating. She finally opens her mouth and swallows good bites instead of just slurping the food off the spoon. Her elimination habits have changed, too, so I've been able to "catch" her poo that last four or five mornings. Nice! I'm not going to try to keep her dry like I did with Amanda but if I can keep her clean that is a huge step. I've been using the Baby Bjorn little potty. Since she's not mobile, I can set her on the potty in the living room where we are playing or in the kitchen at my feet. She will stay put and play with the toys we hand to her or that she can reach.

Amanda's favorite toys right now are the cars and tracks that we've had since the boys were little. She was very anxious to have Christiana get up and "play tracks" with her this morning. I think it's great that she already enjoys Christiana as a playmate.


e&e said...

Hey Katie,
Sorry, but we were all so excited about the turkey that we spilled the beans before we checked the blog. They both already figured it was turkey feathers.

So how did you butcher it up? How did it taste? Most importantly, will there be any leftovers by the time I see you this summer???


Nan said...

Hello Katie and Mike,

thank you for join my community on BlogFrog, I'm so happy to see your kids specially new Talitha, she born same month as Lebau (my baby) .

Wish you always happy.

Best Wish.