Friday, May 7, 2010


I've really been inspired by some of my blog and Facebook friends who often post about their grueling work out regimes. These vibrant and active women are making big changes in their lives and it's awesome to see. While you won't see me at the gym or jogging for miles, I have decided to make an effort to add some grueling workouts to my life. Namely, taking the girls to the park.

We've gone twice so far. Amanda was talking about swinging and that's what motivated me. However, the first time we went, I had to nurse Tali when we got there. Then a thunderstorm rolled in and we had to leave. The second time, Tali had been fed so we went straight to the swings. Amanda was in heaven.

Christiana loved the swings too. I was a little surprised because she can be a little sensitive about new things.

Since Tali had just been fed, I thought she would fall asleep nicely in the stroller. Um, no. Didn't happen.
She preferred to be snuggled up with mama. Then she fell asleep.

So, why would I consider this a grueling workout? Going to the park involves dressing three squirmy little people in layers of clothes, carrying everyone down the stairs and out to the car, buckling everybody in, driving for three minutes to the park, unloading the stroller, unloading everybody, babywearing somebody, pushing somebody in the stroller, lift a baby and a toddler into the swings, give pushes on the swings endlessly, push stroller through the wood chips, load everybody back in the van, buckle everybody in, load stroller, drive home, haul everyone back up the stairs either in two trips or by carrying a baby in carseat, diaper bag and another baby in my arms, change a diaper, put a baby in bed, hope she goes to sleep, then feed the other two dinner.

I'm doing all this rather quickly so as not to allow too much time to elapse between feeding time which leads to melt downs. The marathon continues until about 6:30-7pm when I finally get Christiana to bed. When I sit down to nurse Tali after all that I am hot, sweaty and exhausted. So, I would definitely call that a good workout. Wouldn't you?

Most days, I'm just going to aim for walking around the block. Wearing a baby while pushing a loaded double stroller through soft gravel is equally as grueling.


momto9 said...

yes...that IS a workout!! I like the new layout of the blog too!

Karen said...

definitely grueling!

Adoptive Momma said...

Definitely a workout. I had a a personal trainer for a while and he asked me if I had worked out the day before. I said, I went to the zoo with my boys and pushed them in a double stroller. He said, it wasn't a workout. I told him to come with me the next time and I'd show him ;)

P.S. You have the cutest girls! All three are so happy. You are a wonderful momma.

Tina Fisher said...

I hear you! Just getting out of the house is job enough! I'd day your two outings is awesome! You are two ahead of me! :)

Kristi said...

Beautiful beautiful girls!! :) Any fresh air and exercise is better than none!