Monday, May 17, 2010

A Buggy?

I realized I had forgotten to update the post about Food and Phobias, but Amanda is the one who is terrified of bugs. It began last fall when there were a lot of bees working on the mums by our sidewalk. Mike must have warned Amanda to be careful of the bees and she became very concerned about them. So, when Mike told Amanda that I was going to go pick up a buggy, she was not very excited about the idea.

Her attitude changed quickly and she loves the biker buggy. I found it at the church rummage sale when I went to drop off items we had to donate. It belonged to a friend and fellow adoptive mother. Mike and I have gone out twice already while the boys babysat.*

This picture was taken before all the screaming began. Christiana was great the first time we took her out. She was a little wide-eyed but kept quiet for the ride. The second time, she began crying at the top of the first hill and didn't let up until we brought her home and put her to bed. Not before spreading her sunshine around the neighborhood, however. These were different neighbors than the ones who were treated to her screaming in the stroller last week.
After putting her to bed, Mike and I went out for a longer ride with Amanda. She had a great time and began singing Veggie Tales Lullabies to us. Mike bought her the CD awhile back and I recently taught her how to turn on the CD player. Now we listen to them almost non-stop during the day. They are great songs, lullabies, hymns and cute little songs, and they are easy to sing. Most children's CD are so high I can't sing along. The boys complain, but either they're playing on the CD player or Amanda is singing them so it makes no difference to me.
*Babysitting means they played video games while the little girl(s) slept. They have instructions to go get the little girls in case of an emergency, but other than that they don't really have to do anything with them.


jodilee0123 said...

Yeah, we bless our neighborhood with a lot of screaming and fighting when we are on our bike rides. We are waiting to finally find a date that we can pick up our 2nd trailer that we got on craigslist. I know I can rig up a way to put Jenay's car seat in it. I need to lose all of this baby weight! :0) I carried Jenay the other day on an hour "jammie" walk before bed while I pushed Jakob and Jada. I don't know how you carry two. . . My spine would be crushed! I'm so thankful that we can get out though!!

e&e said...

That's HILARIOUS about your baby-sitters. I hope you didn't pay them too much. I bet they might have raided your fridge as well.

And that's awesome that you and Mike got out! I'm very envious, not just of the alone (well, sort of) time with hubby, but that you have a place near your house to bike!

Jamie said...

It's actually comforting to know that I am not the only one who has strolled through their neighborhood with a screaming child. (:

Tina Fisher said...

We just got two of these bike trailers too! We scored deals off craigslist! The kids love love love them! It's a pretty good work out for me too when we are going up hills!

So there you go now you are enjoying biking along with your park trips! :)

momto9 said...

I hear ya on the babysitting:):):):) That's EXACTLY how my teens babysit so I try and time things so one or both babies are asleep:)
BTW I REALLY badly WANT one of those bike trailer thingies!

ali said...

ohh i want one of those SO BADLY!!! you lucked out, they cost a fortune new. im checking Craigslist constantly.. wish me luck!

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

We LOVE our buggy and have totally laughed about putting two together to make a train... how else does one ride with four littles?