Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Girl, Big Bed

Last night, Amanda slept in the single bed that has been in her room for over a year now. Mike had tried a while back and she laid there for a while but then wanted to go back in her own bed. We really felt like we had enough to deal with and didn't want to put too much effort into moving her. She never tried to climb out. In fact, while I was pregnant, I move a stool next to her crib so she could climb in and out by herself. If we ever forgot to put up the crib rail after we tucked her in bed, she would freak out! There was screaming and crying until we came back up put the rail up.

Yesterday, I took a pool noodle, wrapped it in a small section of egg crate foam and then wrapped that with a sheet to hold it together. Then I tucked this roll under her fitted sheet. It's a similar concept as those things for co-sleeping only significantly cheaper. All the while Amanda was helping me and we were talking about how it was time for her to sleep in a big bed because she was a big girl. She practiced sleeping in her bed for a bit and then at nap time she happily climbed in her new bed and fell asleep without the usually capers of hiding under the sheets and banging on the crib sides. Bedtime went much the same except with minor drama when she woke up needing to go potty.

It's a good start to the big bed transition. We won't move either of the babies into the crib anytime soon because the closet situation is working just fine for right now.


e&e said...

You are so resourceful, Katie. This post made me sleepy. I think I'll head off to my big girl bed, too.

Way to go, Amanda!

Kelli said...

Go Amanda!!!

As far as the pool...I'm not the best resource because I don't rush to shampoo Jamison's hair. Chlorine is hard on all hair so it would be the same of what you would do for your own hair. Just be sure to moisturize if you shampoo more often than usual. Or you can use a swim cap.

La Familia Garcia said...

That's pretty you guys do co-sleeping? I've never heard of that co-sleeper pad, but it looks like something that's fairly easy to make. I like the pool noodle idea too! Thanks for sharing

Mike and Katie said...

We don't co-sleep regularily. Neither one of us sleeps well with a baby in bed. I've just seen those co-sleeping pads in magazines.