Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beach, Bunny and Babies

Yesterday's outing was to our friends who live on the lake. We could only stay a short time so I didn't bring the swim suits and because last year Amanda didn't like the water. I did pack a change of clothes just in case. Of course, she wanted to go right in.

Our friends also got a pet rabbit this spring so we visited him, too.
Christiana was interested in the water and enjoyed splashing around a bit. She was not stranger shy on this day and happily ate "o" cereal with our friend. She did cry, however, the minute we got to the van, the whole way there, the whole way to pick up our co-op food order, during the food pick up, and all the way home. Fun. Tony came with us. I felt bad for him, but he had his MP3 player so I think he just tuned her out.

Hopefully none of my followers have an aversion to feet because I think Christiana's are the cutest!!!
Tali is happy anywhere as long as somebody is holding her. She cried, too, as we were leaving, but quieted down pretty quickly.

All in all, is was a successful first visit and I know how to plan better for the next time.

Amanda and Christiana's matching shirts were hand-me downs from two different families that we got this week. They are so cute! Oh, yeah, I'm that kind of mom. My girls will be in matching outfits as often as possible. On Sunday, they all had the same pale purple undershirt and their dresses were all different but with purple in them.


La Familia Garcia said...

YAY for hand-me-downs!! How cool that they were matching! I love that you do that. It's hard to do that with a big age difference with your kids.

e&e said...

I think her feet are the cutest too! I wish I lived close enough to tickle them.

Who do you know that lives on such a beautiful lake with such a great beach???


momto9 said...

HA HA yes I'm that kind of mom too. My 2 youngest often match too:):)
Looks like a fun time and I LOVE the contrast in skin colour in your feet picture!