Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 Months

Is it just me or does it seem like I'm always posting monthly updates? I think it's because I am. Tali's 3 month update will have to be done next week.

At 10 months, Christiana is getting very close to crawling. She can scoot herself around the living room by reaching and rolling and she often gets up and rocks on her hands and knees. Sometimes she can get herself into a sitting position from laying down but it looks like it's purely on accident. She is very vocal and chatters and squeals all the time. She and Amanda can be pretty noisy together. She is pretty aggressive and will grab toys from Amanda and laughs when Amanda screeches, "No!" That always makes Amanda laugh and so it becomes a game.

She is doing so much better with eating and is no longer satisfied with just breast milk. She is also drinking less breast milk because she seems too prefer eating. She still has some issues with texture and often gags on things like biter cookies and "o" shaped cereal.

Last week, I did really well at catching her before she had a bowel movement and getting her to the potty. This week she's been waking up with a dirty diaper again, but I just listen for her grunting and take the opportunities as they come.

She still has only four teeth, goes too bed around 6:30 pm and sleeps until I wake her around 7 am. She prefers to be worn and not pushed in the stroller during "Happy Hour."

"Happy Hour" is the time between about 4:30 until 6 pm when she really could use another nap, but I keep her up to make sure she has dinner before falling asleep at night. That's when I try to get them outside but it's a challenge. The worst part is all the crying as I'm trying to get everyone ready. By this time Tali's ready to go back to sleep, Christiana's clingy and Amanda is anxious to get outside and needs help getting ready. But it's so nice when we finally all get out in the fresh air.

Wearing the girls tandem is actually working out really well. Bending over while getting Christiana in and out of the stroller is harder on my back then wearing all that extra weight. The girls add about 35 lbs which is much better than listening to Christiana cry for two blocks in the stroller. Yesterday, when I went out, I wrapped Christiana first and then wrapped Tali's wrap right over Christiana instead of putting it under her. I was worried that it would be too tight over her, but it didn't seem to be an issue.


Tyler said...

What a doll baby! Sounds like
she is doing awesome!!

Happy Hour.. I like that term. It is crazy hour around our house. They are so tired when the day is winding up.. makes getting things done very difficult sometimes ;)

Have a great day girlie

e&e said...

Katie, only you could come up with a pleasant name for a regularly unpleasant time of the day. I love your optimism and cheerfulness! Any chance you can mail me some?

So you say the hardest part is all the crying as you try to get everyone ready to go. Does that include you?

Isn't it great that the weather is warming up though? Makes heading outside all the easier!

snekcip said...

That Christiana is just gorgeous!!! Love your ingenuity!!! Happy hour sounds like fun! When it comes to "strapping on the kids", I would prob fall backwards like a "roly-poly bug" and wave my legs aimlessly in the air, until someone UPRIGHTS me!!! I'm impressed....very impressed!!