Sunday, April 18, 2010

Woodpecker Jam

Lest you think we don't do anything besides wash dishes and do photo shoots at our house...

It feels like I haven't posted much from our everyday life on the blog much, but the reality is, we don't do much besides feed babies and clean up after babies. Mike's been really busy at work so the weeks just drag right into the weekend and then start over again. It was nice to have a little time to just hang out with him this weekend.

Last Sunday, we embarked on quite an adventure. I had plans to drop off some more breast milk and needed some personal things; things I just couldn't put on the list for Mike to grab. We also needed all the regular groceries and the boys needed hair cuts. Mike ran to work while we napped after church and told me to call him when we were up and wanted to leave. Nobody napped very long so I called him to come home. As soon as he got home, he started piling kids and stuff in the car. I still needed to nurse Tali and get dressed. He came in and let me know that there were kids sitting in the hot car waiting for me. I realized I failed to communicate that I called him home to help me get the show on the road, not that I was ready to get the show on the road.

I nursed Tali quickly and packed her up. She wasn't happy with the incomplete feeding and cried on and off most of the way to town. The boys chickened out on the hair cuts so I suggested they go out to eat so I could have some time to nurse Tali before shopping. I had planned to do that while they got their hair cut.

We have to take Christiana's car seat out in order for the boys to get out of the back of the van, so I asked Mike to take her inside with him. She would stay happy in her "bucket" if she could be rocked; maybe not so much if she was left sitting in the car with me. I'm sure Mike was quite a sight with his two little girls and teenage boys. By the way, I'm all for women having the right to breastfeed in public but my van was just so much more comfortable and convenient.

After everybody was done eating (Mike brought a salad out to me), we headed off to do the shopping. Mike dropped me off at the bulls-eye store and he headed to wally-world. I had Christiana in my wrap and snapped Tali's car seat into the stroller frame. As we were unpacking, Mike said, "We're not going to do this very often, are we?" No, probably not. I had accounted for how to take care of the girls while shopping but had not accounted for all the stuff I planned to buy. I made it work and at the check-out some one offered to help me.

Meanwhile, I had gotten a call that my breast milk contact had made it to town and was wondering where to connect with me. Mike was just about finished with the shopping so he agreed to meet her. This is where it got a little tricky. Mike's buying groceries for our larger than average family, there's already a cooler full of breast milk in the van and we're supposed to be getting a cooler back from the last time we exchanged milk, plus there is all the stuff I was buying and the stroller frame. All of a sudden our eight passenger van seemed really small. Thankfully, she had forgotten our cooler and the one she had was too small so she needed to take our other cooler.

In the end we survived, but we learned it's definitely worth the extra gas money for us to go separately if that's necessary. And usually it's not.

Mike and the girls and the woodpecker who was playing along.


momto9 said...

Shopping with a new baby and lots of kiddos is very tricky!!! Oh dear... the newborn nursing stage.....sure brings back a lot of memories!!!!

Kristi said...

Haha! The L is for Texas Tech where I went to undergrad. It's the school "sign"

Nicole Marie said...

Oh wow! You had quite the day. I now have TWO of your coolers!!! So sorry about mom is a bit absent know? And I've been running so much I feel like I am spinning. I need to get a photo of you and rockstar together the next time we connect...which will be for dinner or coffee and conversation. I love that your husband plays guitar, such a sweet, calming sound. Amazing video of the woodpecker!