Friday, April 23, 2010

Story Time

After watching some little boys reading books on another blog, Amanda asked me to video tape her "reading" books. Here she is reading "Jesus is with Me" by Debbie Anderson.

This one is "Jesus Loves Me" by Debbie Anderson. She starts out by singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" but then goes along with the rest of the book.

And finally, this is a book of Mother Goose rhymes. She always has to count the old woman's children.

Thanks for the inspiration, Davene!


e&e said...

We love these! Eric and I watched them and laughed and marveled at how cute Amanda is. And Eric noticed that she must like music since all three books were "singing" books. I'll have to show the video to Sophia; she also loves those "Jesus books". I love how she follows the words with her fingers.

Good work, Mama Katie!

ali said...

they are so funny!!!! Tiana just melts my heart...shes like a yummy cup of cocoa.
STAY WITH BRITAX! is she in a marathon? roundabout? shawn is in the one i linked you to and we are THRILLED with it. i have ranging thoughts on the whole rear facing til 36lbs thing.. depends on the angle of the crash, i suppose... not sure. BUT i know my kids will be in a 5 point harness until the very very max. but we are LOVING this britax 85.

Kristi said...

Love the new layout!! We are not challenging right now so I dont have to count cheats!! :) I def had a piece!! Plus I loooove zebra and pink anything!

Davene said...

Cute!! :)

Your comment about crying while reading The Last Battle - oh, my! I can relate! I haven't even tried to read that one to my boys (we've been listening to it on CD - Focus on the Family's version). I KNOW I would cry! :)