Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mama and Manda...

...after playing with Tyler's hair straightener.

I couldn't believe the difference it made in Amanda's hair. It was so much easier to comb through and then put into ponies. However, when I took out the ponies a few days later, it seems like I brushed out a lot more hair than usual. I'm wondering if the iron damaged her hair or if it just looked like more because it was straight and not in a curly little ball.
Here's how Tyler likes to do his hair these days. Do you notice any thing else new with Tyler?


mama said...

Her hair has gotten so long. You are probably right about the heat damaging her hair a bit.
I've learned that a little bit of leave in conditioner on wet hair helps a lot with tangles and knots in my little girls very curly hairs.

e&e said...

Well, his hair looks different from the last photo I saw of him, but so does his face. Are those real glasses? When did he get them? And how is the PSEO stuff going.

Miss you,

momto9 said...

Well from what I can see his glasses broke:) and he has a funky haircut!
Your little girl is adorable with her straightened hair...but you are right...I think I wouldn't be doing that all the time to her either:)

Mike and Katie said...

Actually, it's the glasses! They are new. He just got them Friday. They are pretty cool and mostly frameless. He seems to have a pretty good attitude about getting them, too.

Apparently he was being honest when we asked, "Does this look clean to you?" He really couldn't see the dirt.