Monday, April 5, 2010

Food and Phobias

Updated with labels.

Christiana's reaction to avocados, her first food.
Can you guess which girl has developed a fear of each of the following:
Bugs or Anything That Looks Like a Bug- Amanda
Falling Asleep Alone- Talitha
Balloons- Christiana
The Laundry Room- Christiana
Guitars- Christiana
Being Out of Arms Reach of Mom or Dad- Amanda
Each of the above results in blood-curdling screams from one of the girls. As if things weren't loud enough at our house.


His Hands His Feet Today said...


e&e said...

I'm going to guess...


Last night I was up most of the night with a little one who was terrified of the thunderstorm. And another who was terrified of the screams made by the one afraid of the thunderstorm. Who was it?
Joshy and Sophia.

Mari slept through it all completely.

Andrea said...

I'm guessing she doesn't like it. ;) Funny -- avocado is what made Reuben decide that food was actually worth eating!

I'm busy and not commenting much lately, but I am LOVING the quite regular updates on your girls! Ana is getting SO cute. I just love this age -- they start to really come into themselves, don't they?

momto9 said...

oh no:)
I'm guessing she is all of those things?

Nena said...

Poor baby, they all seem to go thru their stages of loving/ being scared/wanting things--thankfully it is usually a stage that will end :) We are currently in a mommy phase around here, not the usual from our daddy's girl. But it is nice to be loved :)
Have a good day!