Friday, April 9, 2010

Art Show

Last week, Christiana and I got out to go see Tyler's display at the school art show. Mike's brother has lived with us a couple of times and taught the boys how to do comic book drawing. Tyler has spent many hours perfecting his technique. He recently found a book of old drawings and went through and re-drew each picture to show how much he had improved.

It was fun to go out with just Christiana. I wish I had planned for more time, but it just didn't work out. The reaction from my friends that I ran into were: "I can't believe you were able to get out of the house!" and "Where are the rest of them?"
And not to be out done by his brother, here's Tony's recent art work. At least, I'm assuming that's Tony. If I find strange photo's on my camera, he usually deserves the credit.


e&e said...

That's hilarious about Tony's "artwork". Is he left-handed then? I don't know if I realized that.


Mike and Katie said...

yes, he's left-handed. that's funny you noticed.

Nancy said...

Wow! Great stuff!

mama said...

I love it. My Little Man is now into drawing and making his own comic books. He is very impressed with tyler's work. How long has he been drawing and can we see more?